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Integrated Building Management Systems - Siemens Talon

TALON gives you all the advantages of a truely open system - optimized for HVAC control and building automation. With the flexibility to integrate LonWorks®, BACnet® and other communication protocols.

Open systems means products and applications run on a single platform, while interoperating with each other. No matter how many different vendors those products come from. All the while presenting a consistent interface to the user.

Access building information from anywhere
TALON's versatile user interface allows any authorized users to control their building environment from a Web browser or wireless Web device.
Control energy costs
You can actively manage your facility's energy consumption while maintaining an optimum work environment for building occupants.
Optimize manpower
By combining your controls in a single interface, TALON users minimize time and effort used managing building system information.
Preserve legacy system investments
TALON accesses and controls Siemens legacy ® devices, eliminating the need to replace already-installed controls.

Through interoperability, TALON raises the intelligence of your facility. More control delivered in fewer steps, more processes synchronized, more data combined. So you can look forward to quantum leaps in energy efficiency, staff productivity, cost management and improved quality of control.

TALON Design - A complete system makes all the difference
The TALON system architecture offers unmatched configuration flexibility with a wide range of controllers, network managers and user interface options. The example above uses multiple Network Managers, 3rd party LonMark device integration, an optional Workstation, and remote Internet and wireless Web access. With an open protocol system, control options are limitless. 
Using an open protocol is only the right first step.
First, TALON is a complete system. TSBA doesn’t need to wrestle with the unwelcome complexity of installing HVAC controllers from multiple manufacturers, like independent system integrators do.

Second,  it’s a system that offers the best in facility control, performance, and functionality. TALON has the system level applications, the network management, and programmability to make open systems building controls technology work effectively.
Finally, TSBA offers the full line of Siemens building control components; sensors, valve and actuators, and end devices for single source building controls expertise. 

TALON Network Manager
Six versatile models of compact PC and embedded system application servers provide integrated control, supervision and network management functions, plus data management between different protocol devices.

• Acts as web server for workstation graphics.
• Performs alarm management and historical trend data collection.
• Coordinates event and equipment scheduling and live trending functionality


Raptor Programmable Controller™

High-powered controller has 32 I/O for great system flexibility. Raptor also operates as a large mechanical equipment controller.

• Easy-to-use graphical programming for efficient mechanical equipment control.
• Built-in energy management applications and DDC control strategies for complete facility management.


Predator™ Application Specific Controller Family
LonMark®-certified family of controllers provides full-featured control of HVAC equipment with flexible, universal I/O. Predator VAV Actuator incorporates Direct-mount 24 VAC non-spring return plenum rated rotary actuator. Predator Four Loop Controller contains 4 internally cascaded PID loops and programming logic to control a variety of equipment.

Predator models include the control of:
• VAV and CV pressure independent zone boxes
• Unit ventilators – ASHRAE Cycle II
• Single- and multi-stage compressor heat pumps
• Fan coil units
• Perimeter heat units
• Four loop control for:

- Hot water converters
- Simple heating and cooling plants
- 2 VAV rooms
- IAQ routines
- Humidity control
- 3 Sensor inputs loops
- VFD control
- Fan tracking
- Heat recovery units
- Emergency generators
- Up to 4 stat to valves
- Up to 4 booster coils
- Miscellaneous input / output points

TSBA TALON Job Summary

• MetLife/Brause Building
- Internet Accessible
- Integration of Modbus Protocol, legacy Controllers
- Multiple Workstations
- Alarm routing to cell phones and e-mail notification
• Hunter College
- Modem Accessible
- Integration of Modbus Protocol, Arcnet
• Keefe,Bruyette & Woods
- Internet Accessible
- Migration of Smart II Controllers
- Alarm routing to nextel radios and e-mails
• Queens Place
- Integration of 3rd party BTU meters
- Tenant billing

Additional Projects:
St. George Ferry Terminal (Staten Island Ferry)
Rockland Psychiatric Center
Napoli Residence
Gold Water Memorial Hospital
Queens Children Psychiatric CUNY Center
Con Edison
Ravens Wood CoGen Plant
Joseph Addabbo

Bronx Botanical Garden
Parkchester Library
SUNY Downstate Hospital
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Mercy College
Metropolitan Museum of Art

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